Branding and promoting a free assisted living facility for those who need it most.​​​​​​​
Project Includes:
Developing a free resource for an under-represented group in Pewamo, MI.
Project Limitations: 
•   Four week timeline
•   One person team
A Catholic church run and funded assisted living facility.
In the small town of Pewamo, MI, I found that many seniors struggle with day-to-day living tasks while on their own and should be living in an assisted living facility. According to secondary research, 96% of seniors are on Medicare, which doesn’t cover the cost of assisted living.
In order to make the assisted living accessible for those who need it most, I found that 90% of Pewamo residents are Catholic. Creating a Catholic-run assisted living facility in the Pewamo area aids in:
According to online sources, people feel physically better and mentally more at peace when their spiritual needs are met.
Brand Identity
Exterior Signage
The exterior signage (and building) of Living Lily correlate with the brick on the exterior of other parish buildings, further instilling its ties with St. Joseph parish.
Bulletin Flyer
Many seniors in the town of Pewamo do not have direct access to the internet. The most direct option to reach them is to place a flyer in the weekly St. Joesph bulletin, which is made available each week. 
Thank you cards, to be sent to donors for funding, leave the interior blank for a hand-written message.
Volunteer Uniforms
The staff at Living Lily wear volunteer shirts and name tags to help the elderly with remembering names. 
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